On-board scales for trucks

Petroleum supplies

Distributions NJCO:
parent company of Balances Visionair and Groupe NJCO across Canada

Distributions NJCO is the parent company of Les Balances Visionair, which manufactures on-board scales for heavy trucks, and of the Groupe NJCO, which manufactures and sells petroleum supplies. 

Our company Distributions NJCO aims to give more visibility to our two divisions. Do you want to acquire petroleum supplies or become a distributor of our on-board scales? Contact us for more information!

Balances Visionair :
on-board scales for heavy trucks

Balances Visionair manufactures on-board scales for heavy trucks and is looking for distributors across Canada and Quebec. Our scales are installed according to the different types of suspensions of the truck. The driver can read the information using a smartphone app and/or a dial installed in the cabin of the truck.

Balances Visionair was founded in 2000 and our products have been very popular with road haulage companies and heavy trucks. 

Always listening to the needs of our customers, we have developed several versions depending on the technology, currently the Vision15 version and in January 2022 the new Vision21 version on Android application.

We already have several distributors across Canada’s provinces. We wish to expand our network of distributors and invite companies interested in our products to contact us!

Groupe NJCO :
sale and manufacture of petroleum supplies

Groupe NJCO manufactures and sells petroleum supplies across Canada and all of Quebec.

Founded in 1989, the company’s mission is to meet the needs of petroleum product carriers and service stations. Our team is constantly developing new products that meet the needs of the petroleum sector. We can also create tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. In 2020, NJCO Distributions acquired NJCO International which is now Groupe NJCO.

Innovation at the service of oil companies and road transport companies

Our company Distributions NJCO was founded with the goal of providing solutions to contractors in the petroleum and trucking industry across Canada! Our two divisions Balances Visionair and Groupe NJCO quickly enjoyed great success! We ensure that our products are carefully designed to meet the highest quality standards in the industry while ensuring that our products are itemized at competitive prices.

Contact us to learn more about our companies and products!

Do you want to become a distributor of our on-board scales? Are you looking for affordable, high-quality petroleum equipment? Rely on our company: Distributions NJCO! We have two divisions which respectively supply on-board scales and petroleum supplies across the country. Contact us for more information!

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